About Made Leno
About Made LenoMade Leno Was Born in 1963 in the village of Kemenuh which is south of Ubud , Balinese villages are divide in to small units known as banjar which are responsible for administering local culture and religious matters, and leno was born in Banjar Medahan in the southern area of the village, when still a child he started carving with his father, Nyoman Warka, a well known carver who during his career saw the beginnings of mass-tourism that brought dramatic changes to Bali and new market for wood carvings.

A carver generation in Ubud
In earlier times carver like leno’s grand father would work on project for temples and house of the wealthy, carving the roof-support post and beams, and a variety of statues, including carvings of the mythical bird Garuda that traditionally sit on the cross-beams of temples and public buildings, In those days conventions determined how various figures were represented and their was little room for originality or individual expressions. Things changed for the next generations, and by the close of leno’s father’s career his studio was producing fine work for overseas collectors and simpler pieces to satisfy the demands of the tourist market. Although Leno started carvings with his father when he was still child, by his late teens he was lured by the attractions of the coast and for several years, before deciding to go to art school, he worked at various jobs to earn a living, and devoted his spare time to surfing and Kuta beach culture, After graduating from art school about ten years ago, he set up his own small studio in kemenuh, in Banjar Tengkulak Tengah where he now lives and works with his family, He carves exquisite representations of Buddhist and Hindu Figures, and although a traditional Balinese Hindu, He has a special feeling for Jesus Christ and love to carve images of Christ and other Biblical figures, some based on photographs he has of Michaelangelo’s sculptures.

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Kemenuh, a fine wood carving village
Kemenuh, a fine wood carving villageKemenuh village is located in sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar regency. 10 minutes from Ubud. 
The Most famous of this village is a handmade wood carving. Kemenuh village holds potential for tourism, especially the beautiful natural scenery breathtaking. In this village there is a path made tracking down the field, in addition to an unspoiled village atmosphere adds to the appeal of this village. Along the way there are many art village shop which various shaped wooden sculptures. Many kind of woods are used for art of carving here such as : ebony, ulin, teak wood, sandalwood